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  • William Smith / Thomas Smith, formerly a respected butcher of Leeds, Catholic, born about 1778

    Date: 12 Aug 1820

    Sheep stealing - 4 sheep belonging to Thomas Smith and Joseph Smith of Rothwell and William Lund of Claxton; other accounts say 28 sheep belonging to Mr Spink.

    Said to have carved the poem 'A Prison is a House of Care' in the felons' courtyard at York Castle Gaol. Was listed as Thomas Smith, aged 28, in the Calendar of Felons, but the age may have been wrong given that he had a son Joseph, aged 13, give evidence at trial.

    Leeds Mercury, 19 Aug 1820. Rede, York Castle, p 637. Criminal Chronology, p 157.

  • William Bryan, labourer

    Date: 7 Apr 1787

    Breaking and entering the dwelling house of John Rickaby of Commondale, weaver, and stealing coins, linen and diverse goods and apparel belonging to John Rickaby of Commondale, weaver.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/36/1/32-36.

    General Gaol Delivery, 10 Mar 1787; Calendar of Felons, 10 Mar 1787. Whitehall Evening Post, 10 Apr 1787. Criminal Chronology, p 98.

  • William Emmerson / John Jackson / John Kitchen of Etherby, Co Durham

    Date: 23 Aug 1783

    Cattle stealing - 2 cows and a heifer valued at ?7 belonging to Frederick Stephenson and 7 cows valued at ?14 belonging to Walter Buckle, both of Farnham; also 2 oxen valued at ?8 belonging to George Gibson at Low Hale, Eryholme.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/34/4/62-65.

    TNA: ASSI 41/8. London Chronicle, 12 Aug 1783. Criminal Chronology, p 94.

  • Robert Smithson, tenant farmer near Pearse Bridge, 56

    Date: 6 Aug 1785

    Sheep stealing - 24 sheep belonging to John Humble, John Fairey, Richard Atkinson and John Waller of the townships of Gilling and Melsonby; also 51 sheep belonging to Edward Carter of Richmond.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/35/2/149-156.

    TNA: ASSI 41/8. General Gaol Delivery, 9 Jul 1785; Calendar of Felons, 9 Jul 1785. Whitehall Evening Post, 9 Aug 1785. Criminal Chronology, p 96.

  • Thomas Jewett, 24, servant to William Stables of Old Malton, blacksmith

    Date: 4 Apr 1807

    Rape - carnal knowledge of Elizabeth Stables, daughter of William Stables, aged under 10.

    Legally not a case of rape, as rape was carnal knowledge of a female aged over ten without her consent; violation of a female below ten years was a capital crime regardless of consent. Jewett's father, Thomas Jewett senior, had been hanged at York in 1793 for cattle stealing.

    Leeds Mercury, 21 Mar 1807. Criminal Chronology, p 128, 143.

  • Thomas Downing, born at Silkstone, latterly of Howbrook in the parish of Tankersley, husbandry servant, 22

    Date: 25 Aug 1753

    Sheep stealing - 5 sheep belonging to James Bilcliffe / James Bincliff of Silkstone and 17 sheep belonging to John Downend.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/25/1/33-34.

    TNA: ASSI 41/4; ASSI 42/7. Public Advertiser, 1 Sep 1753. Criminal Chronology, p 64.

  • Thomas Clark / John Sanderson / John Saunderson

    Date: Lent 1747

    Stealing 6 silver spoons and a gold ring valued at 15s from the dwelling house of John Wharton; transportation 7 years Lent 1747.

    Subsequently found guilty of being at large while under sentence of transportation and also of horse stealing; hanged at York 25 Mar 1749.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Thomas Cowpland / Thomas Coopland of Harwood, husbandman

    Date: Lent 1727

    Horse stealing - a dark grey horse belonging to Anthony Shirwin of Kirkby; reprieved 14 years Lent 1729.

    Receiving county charity and name on bread petition in York Castle in 1728 - Beverley Archives QSF/80/E/9.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-53v,73v; ASSI 45/18/4(11-12); ASSI 45/18/6(96); SP 36/10.

  • Peter Towle / Peter Towl of Barton, labourer

    Date: Lent 1728

    Horse stealing - a black horse and pack belonging to John Staines of Pickering, dyer, stolen from Joseph Dresser's inn in Kirkbymoorside; reprieved 14 years Lent 1729.

    Receiving county charity and name on bread petition in York Castle in 1728 - Beverley Archives QSF/80/E/9.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-69,73v; ASSI 45/184(85-8); ASSI 45/18/6(96); SP 36/10.

  • Joseph Wood

    Date: Lent 1737

    Horse stealing - a bay gelding; also stealing from a dwelling house; reprieved 14 years Summer 1737.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/21/1(132-4).

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • James Shore

    Date: Lent 1737

    Horse stealing - a brown gelding belonging to Joseph Jackson; also stealing 6 guineas and 51s belonging to Daniell Marshall; reprieved 14 years Summer 1737.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/21/1(110).

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Joseph Allen

    Date: Lent 1736

    Horse stealing - a bay mare belonging to William Attley; and sheep stealing - 3 wethers belonging to George Thompson and 3 weathers belonging to John Pease; reprieved 14 years Summer 1736.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/20/2(1-9).

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-126,128,130v; ASSI 41/3. Calendar of Felons, 2 Aug 1736.

  • Richard Kidd

    Date: Summer 1743 York City

    Horse stealing; reprieved.

    Died in gaol awaiting transportation.

    TNA: ASSI 41/4.

  • Stephen Mires / Stephen Myres

    Date: Summer 1718

    Breaking and entering into the house of John Moorehouse and Thomas Moorehouse, brothers and husbandmen of Skipton, Craven, and stealing ?5, 1s on 28 July 1718, three weeks after his release from York Castle Gaol on a previous charge of horse stealing. Reprieved.

    Not in 1723 shipment to Virginia. May have died in gaol. Was alive at Yorkshire Assizes Lent 1721, but not in list of reprieved transports for Yorkshire Assizes Summer 1721.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-1v,26v; ASSI 45/18/1-19.

  • Robert White / Peter West

    Date: Lent 1724

    Horse stealing; reprieved 28 Feb 1729.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-48; ASSI 45/18/6-96; SP 36/10.

  • George Hobson

    Date: Summer 1723

    Horse stealing; reprieved 14 years Lent 1729.

    Not in 1723 shipment to Virgina. May have died in gaol. Receiving county charity and signed bread petition in York Castle in 1728 - Beverley Archives QSF/80/E/9.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-45,48,51,73v; ASSI 45/18/6-96; SP 36/10.

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  • Henry Robinson of Butterwick, Barton / Holm, horse dealer and farmer

    Date: 1729

    Name appears on list of poor debtors receiving county bread charity in York Castle, 1728.

    London Gazette 6783, 31 May 1729, p 4; 6785, 7 Jun 1729, p 3. Beverley Archives: QSF/80/E/9

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