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  • Robert Turner of Low Worsall, farmer

    Date: 31 Mar 1814

    Murder of Margaret Appleby, pauper resident in the Yarm Workhouse, and mother of the prisoner's illegitimate child.

    Appleby was poisoned after registering a claim for child maintenance from the prisoner.

    Leeds Mercury, 2 Apr 1814.

  • John Robinson of Mickleby near Whitby, farmer, 33

    Date: 20 Jul 1807

    Murder of Susannah Wilson of Guisborough, former servant of the prisoner and 8 months pregnant with his child at time of death.

    Leeds Mercury, 25 Jul 1807. Rede, York Castle, p 410. Criminal Chronology, p 144.

  • Elizabeth Boardingham / Elizabeth Bordingham of Flamborough, 34

    Date: 20 Mar 1776

    Petty treason - murder of her husband John Boardingham by soliciting her lover Thomas Aikney to kill him.

    Strangled and burnt at the stake. Last execution by burning in Yorkshire. See also TNA: ASSI 45/32/2/10-12.

    TNA: ASSI 41/7. General Gaol Delivery, 9 Mar 1776. Morning Post and Daily Advertiser, 25 Mar 1776. Criminal Chronology, p 90 (as Eliza Bordington).

  • Jeremy Peirson / Jeremy Pearson of Farnley, labourer

    Date: 30 Mar 1734

    Murder of John Murgatroyd, a physician, who had allegedly spread stories among Pearson's neighbours about curing him of syphillis.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/19/4(22-8).

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-112v; Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vol 25, p 438. London Evening Post, 4 Apr 1734.

  • John James of West Witton, tenant farmer

    Date: 31 Mar 1814

    Murder of William Ridley of Middleham, Sheriff's Officer and Auctioneer, after he seized some of the prisoner's hay to cover an alleged default on rent.

    Leeds Mercury, 2 Apr 1814.

  • John Bolton of Bulmer, near Castle Howard, an Irishman, and Lieutenant in the 1st regiment of the West Riding militia

    Date: 29 Mar 1775

    Murder of Elizabeth Rainbow of Ackworth, singlewoman and apprentice to the accused, at Bulmer, by strangling her with his hands and a cord and soldier's fife.

    The victim had been hired by Bolton from the Foundling Hospital at Ackworth and was pregnant with his child when she was killed; Bolton hanged himself in York Castle before the death sentence could be carried out. See also TNA: ASSI ASSI 45/32/1/10-29.

    TNA: ASSI 41/6; ASSI 42/9. General Evening Post, 1 Apr 1775. Jackson, Newgate Calendar, 1795, vol 5, p 149. Criminal Chronology, p 88.

  • William Chester

    Date: 4 Apr 1812

    Burglary - breaking and entering the dwelling house of George Oliver of Appleton-le-Street, blacksmith and innkeeper, with intent to steal and murder.

    Leeds Mercury, 4 Apr 1812.

  • William Ross, 19

    Date: 17 Aug 1850

    Murder of his wife, Mary Ross, daughter of William Bottomley, at her father's house at Roughton, near Ashton-under-Lyne, on 30 May 1850 by arsenic poisoning.

    The Chaplain at York Castle Gaol reported that he died protesting his innocence. Several newspapers cast doubt on the soundness of the conviction before his execution and used the case as an argument for the abolition of capital punishment.

    Chaplain's Journal: 17 Aug 1850. Leeds Mercury, 27 Jul 1850. Daily News, 14 Aug 1850. Derby Mercury, 21 Aug 1850. Manchester Times, 21 Aug 1850.

  • Francis Fearn of Bradfield, near Sheffield, filesmith

    Date: 23 Jul 1782

    Murder of Nathan Andrews of Sheffield, watchmaker, by blows with a stick and stabbing him near the high road at Kirk Edge leading to Bradfield on 18 Mar 1782.

    Body hung in chains on Loxley Common. See also TNA: ASSI 45/34/3/48-50.

    TNA: ASSI 41/7. London Chronicle, 26 Mar 1782. Whitehall Evening Post, 30 Jul 1782. Criminal Chronology, p 91.

  • William Shaw of Kirkburton, 25

    Date: 5 Apr 1830

    Murder of Rachel Crosley / Rachel Crossley, daughter of a collier, 22, at Kirkburton on 9 Mar 1830.

    Rachel Crosley was the mother of Shaw's 3-year-old child and pregnant with another of his children. Shaw was considerably behind in his maintenance payments of 4 shillings a week and under pressure to marry her when he killed her.

    Leeds Mercury, 3 Apr 1830.

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  • Mary Endick

    Date: Lent 1724

    Murder of her illegitimate child; reprieved 28 Feb 1729.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-48,51; ASSI 45/18/6-96; SP 36/10.

  • Joseph Vickers / Joseph Vickars

    Date: Lent 1750 York City

    Murder of John Bower; reprieved 14 years Summer 1750.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Elizabeth Conney / Elizabeth Coney

    Date: Summer 1744

    Murder of her illegitimate child (a son); reprieved 14 years Lent 1745.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Ann Nell / Anne Nell of Selby

    Date: Lent 1740

    Murder of an infant, Joseph Nell; confessed; reprieved 14 years Summer 1740.

    TNA: ASSI 41/4.

  • Thomas Harrison

    Date: Lent 1770

    Breaking and entering the dwelling house of Robert Whiting with an intent to kill and murder him and to steal his goods; reprieved 14 years Summer 1770.

    TNA: ASSI 41/6; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 24 Mar 1770; 4 Aug 1770.

  • Francis Foremead / Francis Furmont

    Date: Summer 1724

    Murder of Mary Garside, wife of John Garside; reprieved.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-51; ASSI 45/18/1-52.

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