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  • Edward Wheatfill, fisherman, 33

    Date: 28 Nov 1880

    Murder of Peter Hughes, fisherman's boy, 16, onboard a fishing smack on the high seas on 24 Feb 1882.

    Wheatfill was second hand on a fishing smack skippered by Daniel Callan, who was charged with being an accessory to the fact of murder. Hughes had been subjected to a regime of sadistic bullying and torture by Wheatfill when he allegedly stumbled overboard while on Wheatfill's watch.

    Hull Packet, 10 Nov 1882; 1 Dec 1882. Liverpool Mercury, 11 Nov 1882.

  • Vincent Knowles Walker of 21 Union Street, Kingston-upon-Hull, master joiner, 48

    Date: 15 Apr 1878

    Murder of Lydia Wills White, wife of a master mariner and smack owner, at 37 Nile Street, Kingston-upon-Hull, on 18 Feb 1878.

    Walker's estranged wife was lodging with Lydia White at the time of the murder and Walker believed that White was blocking his access to her.

    Leeds Mercury, 28 Mar 1878. Daily News, 16 Apr 1878.

  • Robert Thomas / Robert Tommis

    Date: 6 Aug 1774

    Highway robbery and murder of William Deighton, Supervisor of Excise at Halifax.

    The accused confessed that he was paid by a gang of coiners to kill Deighton as a revenge attack for Deighton's role in bringing David Hartley to execution in 1770. Matthew Normington (1775) eventually confessed to the murder. Thomas's body was hung in chains at Beacon Hill near Halifax. See also TNA: ASSI ASSI 45/31/2/186B.

    TNA: ASSI 41/6; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 16 Jul 1774. Public Advertiser, 12 Aug 1774. Criminal Chronology, p 88.

  • Thomas Malkin, worker at Mr Holdsworth's Mill, Leeds, 17

    Date: 6 Jan 1849

    Murder of Esther Inman, step-daughter of Thomas Watson, a tailor of Hunslet, by stabbing on 8 Oct 1848.

    At trial Malkin protested his innocence. He and Inman, both chapel attendees, had been courting for a year, with Esther's parents' blessing. There were no eye-witnesses and no motive was established. The defence proposed suicide, calling evidence that Esther had a volatile temperament and that she had earlier been found to be carrying a dagger around in her clothes. Malkin reportedly confessed to the murder just before execution.

    Chaplain's Journal: 6 Jan 1849. Leeds Mercury, 23 Dec 1848. Newcastle Courant, 12 Jan 1849.

  • Richard Holderness, son of Frank Holderness of Bishop Wilton, 22

    Date: 23 Apr 1825

    Attempted murder - shooting at Robert Manners of Pocklington, carrier, with an intent to kill and murder him.

    Leeds Mercury, 2 Apr 1825; 23 Apr 1825. Criminal Chronology, p 171.

  • Jonathan Graham / John Graham of Elemire, near Masham, born about 1784

    Date: 8 April 1809

    Attempted murder - shooting at his father-in-law William Jeft, farmer near Masham, with an intent to kill and murder him.

    Hull Packet, 21 Mar 1809; 11 Apr 1809. Rede, York Castle, p 243. Criminal Chronology, p 149.

  • Alfred Waddington, artisan of Sheffield, 20

    Date: 8 Jan 1853

    Murder of his illegitimate daughter, Elizabeth Slater, 20 months, and attempted murder of the child's mother, Sarah Slater, at Sheffield on 18 Aug 1853.

    Sarah Slater was a shop assistant at Messrs. Butcher's edge-tool manufacturers of Sheffield. Waddington had been served a summons for late payment of maintenance for the child and Slater had refused to marry him until he could provide her with a home.

    Gaoler's Journal & Chaplain's Journal: 8 Jan 1853. Ipswich Journal, 24 Dec 1852. Morning Chronicle, 10 Jan 1853.

  • Joseph Brown, agricultural labourer and former lodger of Elizabeth Fletcher of Hensal near Ferrybridge, 38

    Date: 20 Mar 1809

    Murder of Elizabeth Fletcher, 55, and attempted murder of her sister Sarah Fletcher, by poison in 1804.

    Leeds Mercury, 1 Apr 1809. Rede, York Castle, p 218. Criminal Chronology, p 145 (as James Brown).

  • William King of Sheffield, edge-tool maker

    Date: 31 Jul 1817

    Murder of Sarah Trippet, his common-law wife, and attempted murder of his children by Sarah.

    Leeds Mercury, 2 Aug 1817.

  • Mary Bateman of Leeds, and a native of Aisenby, 41

    Date: 20 Mar 1809

    Murder of Rebecca Perigo of Leeds of Bramley, near Leeds, in May 1807, and attempted murder of her Rebecca's husband William Perigo by poison administered as part of a wise woman's spell.

    Notorious case, in which Bateman became known as the 'Yorkshire Witch'.

    Leeds Mercury, 17 Mar 1809. Rede, York Castle, p 30. Criminal Chronology, p 145.

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  • Mary Endick

    Date: Lent 1724

    Murder of her illegitimate child; reprieved 28 Feb 1729.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-48,51; ASSI 45/18/6-96; SP 36/10.

  • Elizabeth Conney / Elizabeth Coney

    Date: Summer 1744

    Murder of her illegitimate child (a son); reprieved 14 years Lent 1745.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Joseph Vickers / Joseph Vickars

    Date: Lent 1750 York City

    Murder of John Bower; reprieved 14 years Summer 1750.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Ann Nell / Anne Nell of Selby

    Date: Lent 1740

    Murder of an infant, Joseph Nell; confessed; reprieved 14 years Summer 1740.

    TNA: ASSI 41/4.

  • Thomas Harrison

    Date: Lent 1770

    Breaking and entering the dwelling house of Robert Whiting with an intent to kill and murder him and to steal his goods; reprieved 14 years Summer 1770.

    TNA: ASSI 41/6; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 24 Mar 1770; 4 Aug 1770.

  • Francis Foremead / Francis Furmont

    Date: Summer 1724

    Murder of Mary Garside, wife of John Garside; reprieved.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-51; ASSI 45/18/1-52.

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