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  • Peter Atkinson, 15

    Date: 6 May 1806

    Attempted murder - cutting and maiming of Elizabeth Stockton

    Criminal Chronology, p 143.

  • Thomas Williams of Sheffield, basket-maker, 29

    Date: 12 Aug 1837

    Murder of Thomas Froggatt of Sheffield, basket-maker.

    On the scaffold Williams made an impassioned speech against the evils of intemperance and warned drunkards to 'go home and be so no more'. He left a wife and 5 children.

    Chaplain's Journal: 12 Aug 1837. Morning Chronicle, 16 Aug 1837. Particulars of the Trial and Execution of Thomas Williams, 1837, BL: 1870.c.2(664).

  • John Henry Wood / John Henry Greaves of Whiston, near Rotherham, farm labourer, 27

    Date: 11 May 1880

    Murder of John Coe, farm labourer, at Rotherham on 19 Feb 1880.

    The press were admitted to Wood's execution, unlike the previous execution of John Darcy in 1879.

    Leeds Mercury, 1 May 1880; 12 May 1880. Hull Packet, 10 May 1880.

  • William Parkinson

    Date: 15 Aug 1729

    Murder of Archibald Noble, a Scottish drover, at Brouton near Cleveland.

    Sent from York to be hanged at Cleveland; body afterwards hung in chains.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-78; ASSI 41/3. Daily Courant, 1 Aug 1729. Criminal Chronology, p 45.

  • Elizabeth Webster

    Date: Mar 1744

    Petty treason - murder of her husband John Webster by poison.

    Was originally convicted at Summer Assizes 1743, but her execution was delayed due to her pregnancy. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vol 25, p 441 records that William, son of Elizabeth Webster, was baptised at York Castle Gaol on 29 Sep 1743. Her sentence of burning at the stake was confirmed 5 Mar 1744. See also TNA: ASSI 45/22/3/98.

    TNA: ASSI 41/4.

  • Abraham Clayton of Howden, 35

    Date: 11 Aug 1764

    Murder of his wife Elizabeth Clayton at the parish of Monk Fryston.

    The accused made a confession which he retracted on the gallows of having strangled her with a ribbon because she threatened to have him hanged for keeping company with another woman. See also TNA: ASSI 45/27/2/27-38.

    TNA: ASSI 41/5; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 4 Aug 1764. London Evening Post, 14 Aug 1764. Newgate Calendar, p 348. Criminal Chronology, p 83 (with incorrect date of 15 Aug 1763).

  • Ann Sowerby of Escrick

    Date: 10 Aug 1767

    Petty treason - murder of her husband Timothy Sowerby by poison.

    Ann Sowerby was jointly accused with John Douglas of Osgodby but he was acquitted; she accused him of having bought the poison and murdered his own wife before giving her the remainder to kill her husband. She was drawn on a sledge to the place of execution and burnt.

    TNA: ASSI 41/5; ASSI 42/8. London Evening Post, 28 Jul 1767. St James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post, 11 Aug 1767. Criminal Chronology, p 84.

  • Thomas Lee of Grassington, innkeeper and formerly a lead miner, 25

    Date: 25 Jul 1768

    Highway robber and murder of Richard Petty at Burnsall on 1 Apr 1766.

    Body hung in chains at Grassington Gate, Grassington. See also TNA: ASSI 45/29/1/101-102A.

    TNA: ASSI 41/5; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 16 Jul 1768. Public Advertiser, 29 Jul 1768. St James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post, 26 Jul 1768. Criminal Chronology, p 85.

  • John Scott of Northowram

    Date: 25 Jul 1774

    Murder of Hannah Stocks by poison at Northowram, Halifax, on 21 Mar 1774.

    The victim was mother to the accused's child and six months pregant with another child; she was forced to take arsenic at knifepoint after refusing to take poison to procure an abortion. See also TNA: ASSI 45/31/2/157-158.

    TNA: ASSI 41/6; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 16 Jul 1774. General Evening Post, 26 Jul 1774. Criminal Chronology, p 88.

  • Thomas Knapton of Potternewton, Leeds, yeoman

    Date: 3 Aug 1784

    Murder of Hannah Wood, 'his sweetheart', by poison at Leeds on 10 Nov 1783.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/35/1/113-117.

    TNA: ASSI 41/8. Whitehall Evening Post, 10 Aug 1784. Criminal Chronology, p 95.

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  • Mary Endick

    Date: Lent 1724

    Murder of her illegitimate child; reprieved 28 Feb 1729.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-48,51; ASSI 45/18/6-96; SP 36/10.

  • Elizabeth Conney / Elizabeth Coney

    Date: Summer 1744

    Murder of her illegitimate child (a son); reprieved 14 years Lent 1745.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Joseph Vickers / Joseph Vickars

    Date: Lent 1750 York City

    Murder of John Bower; reprieved 14 years Summer 1750.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Ann Nell / Anne Nell of Selby

    Date: Lent 1740

    Murder of an infant, Joseph Nell; confessed; reprieved 14 years Summer 1740.

    TNA: ASSI 41/4.

  • Thomas Harrison

    Date: Lent 1770

    Breaking and entering the dwelling house of Robert Whiting with an intent to kill and murder him and to steal his goods; reprieved 14 years Summer 1770.

    TNA: ASSI 41/6; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 24 Mar 1770; 4 Aug 1770.

  • Francis Foremead / Francis Furmont

    Date: Summer 1724

    Murder of Mary Garside, wife of John Garside; reprieved.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-51; ASSI 45/18/1-52.

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