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  • Ann Barber, n?e Ann Smirthwaite, of Rothwell, born 1778

    Date: 13 Aug 1821

    Petty treason - murder of her husband James Barber of Rothwell, near Leeds, by poisoning him with arsenic.

    Leeds Mercury, 18 Aug 1821. Rede, York Castle, p 686.

  • Joseph Slater of Paythorn, near Gisburn

    Date: 2 Aug 1830

    Murder of his legitimate son Thomas Slater, aged 3, by drowning him in the River Ribble at Gringleton, near Gisburn.

    Hull Packet, 3 Aug 1830. An Account of the Trial and Execution of Joseph Slater, 1830, BL: 1870.c.2(663).

  • William Allott, dairy farm manager, 35, in the employ of Martha Hardwick

    Date: 6 Apr 1835

    Murder of Martha Hardwick, widow and dairy farmer, at Upper Heeley, near Sheffield, on 9 Sep 1834.

    Chaplain's Journal: 6 Apr 1835. Hull Packet, 10 Apr 1835.

  • Joseph Dobson of Broomhirst, near Halifax, weaver, 25

    Date: 20 Jan 1844

    Murder of his father, John Dobson of Mount Tabor, near Halifax, weaver, by shooting on 4 Jul 1843.

    In his defence, Joseph Dobson maintained that his father was a cruel man and that he had sent his wife and four of Joseph's siblings to an early grave by his abuse and failings.

    Chaplain's Journal: 20 Jan 1844. Leeds Mercury, 23 Dec 1843. Preston Chronicle, 27 Jan 1844.

  • George Howe of Yarm, railway labourer and former gentleman's servant, 32

    Date: 31 Mar 1849

    Murder of his infant daughter Eliza Amelia Howe by poisoning with oxalic acid on 25 Jan 1849.

    The victim was Howe's daughter by his second wife who had died shortly after the birth in October 1848. Howe's co-lodgers at Yarm had previously intervened on occasions to prevent him harming the baby.

    Chaplain's Journal: 31 Mar 1849. Ipswich Journal, 17 Mar 1849. Hull Packet, 16 Mar 1849.

  • Joseph Shepherd of Holdsworth, former gentleman's servant and cab driver, 23

    Date: 3 Apr 1858

    Murder of Bethel Parkinson farmer and horse dealer, 30, on Wadsworth Moor, near Halifax, on 13 Jan 1858.

    Shepherd was the son of Robert Shepherd of Holdsworth, Ovenden, a furniture broker.

    Chaplain's Journal: 3 Apr 1858. Leeds Mercury, 16 Mar 1858; 18 Mar 1858; 6 Apr 1858.

  • Jeremy Peirson / Jeremy Pearson of Farnley, labourer

    Date: 30 Mar 1734

    Murder of John Murgatroyd, a physician, who had allegedly spread stories among Pearson's neighbours about curing him of syphillis.

    See also TNA: ASSI 45/19/4(22-8).

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-112v; Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vol 25, p 438. London Evening Post, 4 Apr 1734.

  • Elizabeth Boardingham / Elizabeth Bordingham of Flamborough, 34

    Date: 20 Mar 1776

    Petty treason - murder of her husband John Boardingham by soliciting her lover Thomas Aikney to kill him.

    Strangled and burnt at the stake. Last execution by burning in Yorkshire. See also TNA: ASSI 45/32/2/10-12.

    TNA: ASSI 41/7. General Gaol Delivery, 9 Mar 1776. Morning Post and Daily Advertiser, 25 Mar 1776. Criminal Chronology, p 90 (as Eliza Bordington).

  • John Robinson of Mickleby near Whitby, farmer, 33

    Date: 20 Jul 1807

    Murder of Susannah Wilson of Guisborough, former servant of the prisoner and 8 months pregnant with his child at time of death.

    Leeds Mercury, 25 Jul 1807. Rede, York Castle, p 410. Criminal Chronology, p 144.

  • Robert Turner of Low Worsall, farmer

    Date: 31 Mar 1814

    Murder of Margaret Appleby, pauper resident in the Yarm Workhouse, and mother of the prisoner's illegitimate child.

    Appleby was poisoned after registering a claim for child maintenance from the prisoner.

    Leeds Mercury, 2 Apr 1814.

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  • Mary Endick

    Date: Lent 1724

    Murder of her illegitimate child; reprieved 28 Feb 1729.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-48,51; ASSI 45/18/6-96; SP 36/10.

  • Elizabeth Conney / Elizabeth Coney

    Date: Summer 1744

    Murder of her illegitimate child (a son); reprieved 14 years Lent 1745.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Joseph Vickers / Joseph Vickars

    Date: Lent 1750 York City

    Murder of John Bower; reprieved 14 years Summer 1750.

    TNA: ASSI 41/3; ASSI 41/4.

  • Ann Nell / Anne Nell of Selby

    Date: Lent 1740

    Murder of an infant, Joseph Nell; confessed; reprieved 14 years Summer 1740.

    TNA: ASSI 41/4.

  • Thomas Harrison

    Date: Lent 1770

    Breaking and entering the dwelling house of Robert Whiting with an intent to kill and murder him and to steal his goods; reprieved 14 years Summer 1770.

    TNA: ASSI 41/6; ASSI 42/8. Calendar of Felons, 24 Mar 1770; 4 Aug 1770.

  • Francis Foremead / Francis Furmont

    Date: Summer 1724

    Murder of Mary Garside, wife of John Garside; reprieved.

    TNA: ASSI 41/2-51; ASSI 45/18/1-52.

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